Interview with Kate Scanlan

Posted by Guilderland XC and Track and Field on Jan 19 2017 at 09:01AM PST in GXC 2016

Kate Scanlan is a seventh grader who joined the indoor track team this year. She has had an impressive season so far and still has championship season ahead of her. Her personal accomplishments this year include running 1:56.21 for the 600m run at the Ithaca Bomber Invitational and running 6:09.36 for the mile at Dartmouth relays.

Why did you decide to join the indoor track team?
I decided to join the indoor track team because in cross country everyone was really nice and supportive and because I wanted to stay in shape for track. Also I knew that each season there would be new people and I wanted to meet a few before plunging right into track.

What accomplishments are you most proud of from the season so far?
I am most proud of making it to all the away meets so far. When I first got here I was a bit overwhelmed with how good everyone was at their event. At first I did not know what to do but I practiced and somehow I made it to the away meets.

What goals do you have for the remainder of the indoor season and the upcoming outdoor season?
My goals for the remainder of the season and the outdoor season are to continue to work hard, have a positive attitude, and to have fun. Also to try to have a positive mindset.

What motivates you to keep working hard at practice each day?
What motivates me to keep working hard a practice each day is knowing that I will eventually get through it. I will not keep on running forever so I might as well work hard. Also I know that my other teammates are working just as hard as I can and if they can do it then I can do it to.

What do you think the key to being a successful track runner is?
I think the key to a successful runner is how mentally tough you are. If you have the right attitude and mindset then you can do anything that you want to do. If you tell yourself that you can do it then you can. If you really want to do something then you can get it if you stay positive and think that you can.

How would you describe the team atmosphere? Was it hard joining a high school team as a seventh grader?
I think that the team atmosphere is excited. Everyone is ready for the next challenge to come their way. As a seventh grader because it is the first year on the team it was a little bit overwhelming. After the first few weeks however I found that everyone was really accepting and I felt like part of the team. I had done swimming and a youth track program before but I have never felt the same feeling of being on a team and being accepted like that.