Interview with Maeghan Hickey

Posted by Guilderland XC and Track and Field on Jan 26 2017 at 06:39AM PST in GXC 2016

Maeghan ran modified cross country in the fall and she decided to join the high school indoor track team for the winter season. She ran a 2:20.60 600m at the Section 2 League Meet 5. Her hardworking attitude contributes positively to the team!

Why did you decide to join the indoor track team?
I decided to join the indoor track team because I wanted to meet new people and I wanted to get to know the school because I’ll be going there soon! And I just love to run!

What accomplishments are you proud of from this season?
I am proud that I improved my mile time by a lot and I learned that I am good at the 300 meter!

What goals do you have for the remainder of the season?
A goal I have for the remainder of the season is to P.R on my 300 in the freshmen championships!

What motivates you to keep working hard?
The thing that motivates me to keep working hard is the people! Even if I’m struggling everyone seems to cheer me on and find a way to make me feel better about getting the workout done!

What do you think the key to being a successful track runner is?
I think that the key to being a successful track runner is to try your best and to keep on trying even if it’s hard.

What was it like joining a high school team as a seventh grader?
It wasn’t hard joining the team as a 7th grader. I enjoyed it and I’m definitely going to do it next year! I think everyone around me was very nice and caring!