Interview with Maddie Lebel

Posted by Guilderland XC and Track and Field on Feb 23 2017 at 06:51PM PST in GXC 2016

Maddie is a freshman sprinter who has scored a ton of points for Guilderland this indoor season. Her best times include 7.88 in the 55 meter dash, 26.5 in the 200 meter and 60.1 in the 400 meter. She is running very competitive times and she has a bright future ahead of her.

You ran cross country in 2015 so you know what distance running is like but I know you’ve said before that you prefer the shorter distances. What is it that you like about sprinting?
I like sprinting more because I like running at full speed with very little pacing. When I run more than 400 meters, I get bored easily and it’s not as fun for me because I feel there is more quick, explosive movement and power in a sprinting race. I am not good at pacing myself and I would rather run as fast as I can for a short period of time.

In the sprinting events, every millisecond counts. What little details have you worked on so that you can run as efficiently as possible?
I have worked a lot on my form to improve my times. Working on form will make you a more efficient runner and having the proper technique can increase your speed. Without that, you’re doing more work than you need to and you are tiring yourself out.

You did not participate in an organized sport this fall. How did you keep yourself in shape?
Throughout the summer and fall I would go to the gym to work out. I also had a personal trainer who worked with me on my endurance, my explosive power, my warm ups, my starts and my form to have me ready and well prepared for the indoor season.